Monday, February 28, 2011



What's more interesting than a masquerade and a dinner and dance party??!! Come join William & Luisa Danceworld 2011 Dance Party..with the theme 'MASQUERADE'...casual ....semi-formal...or even formal dress code. Anything you like but make sure u have a mask on your self. Come with your best costume  and have a chance to win the BEST DRESS KING /BEST DRESS QUEEN  & BEST MASk OF THE NIGHT..With buffet dinner and general dancing to satisfied your stomach and your feet...for more info, click the link on the bottom. You'll love it


Event Schedule:
4.00pm-6.00pm : Line Dancing
6.00pm onward : - Dinner Time
- Latin Performances

- Ballroom Performances - Games
- Dancing Night!

Dresscode :
Gentlemen : Formal

Ladies : Dress

Monday, December 13, 2010

SPM Is A History!!

One day I was in form 1 orientation….

The next thing i know I graduated….

Graduation Ceremony (122)

And i finally finish SPM.



9 Days of torture is over….but i did my exam extremely bad even though i tried hard…I mess up my Bio , Definitely will not get an A..SIGH!! I left the school with a bad i went to Pavilion to run my mind of a little…caught in the rain…..All wet!! Haha!XD  Then next stop ….STUDIO!!!!

I have been planning to go since day 1, finally had the chance…i was so desperate until i forgot my dancing shoes, lol!

Surprisingly Auntie Luisa called..asking am i coming for class anot, Haha!! It seems like everyone knows i will be there as soon as i finish exam.

So what's my next plan…ENJOY MY HOLIDAY!!!!

Then i have to start to work next January, no money for college now..and i will definitely will not go Form 6.

So wish me Luck!! :)

Monday, November 8, 2010

My Last Dance

Sorry for being absence for so long...its not like i left to study...Nooo, Never!!
I was DANCING!!!!Hehe! Told u i can't stop right ..but finally i did...Today we have rehersal for Graduation & when my junior came out to do classmate just look at me & say, "WOW! Shi Xian..for once u are not dancing"...I just smile back at them & say i retired from the kelab but my heart stays with club forever....
We attend Pertandingan Tarian JPWP ...but we didn't win..Same judges again,what can we expect!We just finish our choreograpghy & practice within 1 and a half day. Abang Raffi was so tension that he turn into a lion like what my little sis Aqilah said. Feel like slapping his face that time. HE'S MAKING US SO STRESS!! HOW CAN WE DANCE WITH THIS KIND OF MOOD???But we did enjoy the competition...our dance was, erm...98% perfect!
Make up!! Hair!! Getting ready..My sweet Qyla!! Know her since she was 10yrs old...Last minute polish up..
Sweet!! He just likes Farah!!
Thank you cikgu for all ur hard work..LOVE U!
Next was a shooting for EDUWEB.. Khateja & I got inteviewed...and they have to shoot us in the class " studying"..(PRETENDING LA)
She is so comfortable with the camera..
My lovely sis!! Qyla & Arneesa

Then our group got ready to have a lesson with Abang Raffi for the shooting aso..we nid to do asas for Zapin Johor again..and again...OMG!! My leg!!Then we got dress for a show!!
My junior team did quite well that day, one day of practice only leh!! A big round of applause to them...
Pink group!
Blue group!

Senior group.
Lastly i wanted to talk about our winning in Pertandingan Tarian KDU ..we won 2nd place! What a miracle...The VIP actually came up to me after i got down from the satge after getting of certs. She said to me that they enjoy our performane alot!! I am pretty sure our SMKPP Dance group ( Gemalai Sutra)iconic smile actually caught their attention..hehe!! Its the best gift we can give to the audience..
The form 5 trio'sIbu!! She is just like a mom to me...
Abang Raffi.. will miss him!!
Pn. Pengetua!! Thank you 4 all ur support!! :)

2nd place!! We got our honour back!

I also recalled a quote from Ibu that she said to us long time ago..that is " Naik je stage tu, the stage is yours...Enjoy je! "
And many other stuff that she taught us a long time ago..really gonna miss her & Abang Raffi too..eventhough he has been teaching me for 3 years only. I enjoy his funny , bubbly, sissy character..hehe!! Don't tell him i said that!!
I'm gonna miss my beloved teachers, especially Pn Azizah..and of course my lovely SISTERS that have supported me so much! What will i do without them..i just wana say i am proud to be their president, and thank you for being so cooperative...

Saturday, October 9, 2010

8th Crystal Cup Dancesport Championship

Sorry for MIA...
Trial exam ...sigh!
Just wana talk back abt 2 month ago
William & Luisa Danceworld join the 8th Crystal Cup Dancesport Championship
I went there to support...that means i am not dancing. Uncle William gave me a job.That is taking our students action photo...this means i get to used his DSLR!! I just love that Nikon D90. Definately getting that in the future... Cant afford it now :(
Here are some of my masterpiece.. Enjoy!

Kelvin & Nicol

Me & Danceworld future Amateur couple....Kelvin & NicolGary & TamikoTow Guan & Hollie

Max & Claudia Carmen..this girl has a bright future in dancing

All Auntie Merle's beloved student... Danceworld ladies
Other Couples..

Warren & Kristin Boyce...They purposely stop for me to take their pic when they reach at the edge of the dancefloor(Which is where i stand) HahaXD
Didn't except them to be a judge so soon...Auntie Merle and all her finalist

First male couple who won paso beginner in Malaysia...XP HahaCrazy stuff we did(as usual)while waiting for prize presentation time
Dinner Time!!Look at Auntie Merle's face!! Its a good thing i didn't post this one on FB.
Me in action!!
Me & Nicol escorting the celebrity into the ballroom..XP
The longest panel of judges i've seen so far
Judges last meeting on the dancefloor,
talking abt how to solve the 'wire is stuck on the floor' problem..
Lastly...Pic of the day!!